Horny Hairy Hippy

This girl Jane looks really hot in her lingerie, and she's got a really nice cunt on her too. I found this hippy chick in the little-known hairy fun section at ATK Hairy... I'd say that section is my least-favorite category of the site because I mostly dislike seeing the hairy girls playing with dildos. I'd much rather see them without their toys, just laying there spreading is good for me.

But at the end where she's got that dildo up her pussy, well... she doesn't need that thing at all. I'd gladly bang her, because as you can clearly see she's got a very inviting pussy. Who wouldn't want to fuck this chick if given the chance?

Jane had 10 galleries the last time I checked, and the first one came out in November 2011. She also has at least three movies. If you like this girl then you'll love checking out her work.

This hairy hippy chick is 23 years old and likes pizza, metal music, spanking and sex in public. She also prefers it doggy.

You can see all of Jane's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Flat Hairy Hippy

This hairy girl Artemis is kind of flat and doesn't show her tits that often but she's got a furry box and a deep looking hole.

Artemis first appeared in January 2013, so she's still fairly new. But there seems to be alot of guys who enjoy looking into her beautiful wet vagina. And she's a nice little spreader too.

She had four photo sets + four videos the last time I checked. She's 26 years old and says she is a field biologist. She loves nature and loves to get high in the forest.

As far as sex goes, she's a pretty easy fuck. She likes to be on top and she would love to fuck two guys at once. She described her best features as her body hair, her sense of humor and her judgement about everything.

You can see more of Artemis at We Are Hairy.

Holly Has A Thick Bush

Iris never did really hold the title of Miss Phillippines, but she’s cute enough, so she should have! This chick has her pussy shaved clean but take a look at those nice cunt lips! Maybe that’s why she shaves her cunt? So everyone can see how nice her pussy lips are?

Iris has five nice galleries available and 24 movies at ATK Exotics. She’s a waitress and a student. I sure wouldn’t mind having her “serve” me!

She’s 22 years old and likes guys that are funny. Hell, I can be funny, especially if we’re going to fuck! If there’s some nice asian pussy to be had then I can be whatever she wants… within reason… kinda’.

Iris has a full bio available and has one thing in there that I thought was pretty cool. She says that she wants to have sex in all 50 states. What do you have to do to find a cute, horny babe like this? She’d certainly make a nice travel companion, wouldn’t she? And why stop at only one time per state? Why not make it two or three times per state just to be sure?

She’s into waterskiing, camping and clubbing, and says that she wants to become wealthy. This chick would make an amazing fuck-buddy, and if you were hanging out with this little asian cutie then at least you would have a wealth of nice asian cunt!

You can see all of Iris’ excellent work at ATK Exotics.

Luce Has A Nice Bush

Luce is a sweet and fuckable hairy girl with a nice ass, hairy pits, hairy legs and a very nice bush. I love how her bush sticks out in some of her shots. Fluffy bushes are so good.

This hairy cutie had six galleries and six movies the last time I checked, and these shots are from her first set. Luce also a hairy asshole and a great looking slit.

She's 24 years old and is from Seattle. She's a student and part time waitress and she loves slow and sensual kissing around her cunt.

You can see all of Luce's excellent work at We Are Hairy.

Hairy Girl Nicole

Whatever you want to do with Nicole here, she's into it. She has hairy pits and a hairy pussy and she loves to spread her legs.

Nicole is 29 years old and she has 10 galleries. She's a waitress and she loves to hang out. She's also an easy fuck.

She likes to be on top with her partner tied up... would you like to try that with Nicole for something to do? She sure does have a nice looking cunt on her.

You can see all of Nicole's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Tight Little Hairy Box

Check out 19 year old Sage here from a recent gallery she did. This chick looks so tight and cute. Would you let her hang around for a while? Absolutely!

She's from Texas and she's into gardening, swimming and playing with her dog. She's got a full bio and says she likes to do it reverse cowgirl style. Oh fuck yeah! Then get on top and ride it!

This little cutie sure has a tight looking cunt. She works as a cocktail waitress and says she'd love to have sex in a public park in the middle of the night. I would be so up for that.

You can see all of Sage's excellent work at We Are Hairy.

Hippy Chick Freya

Here's Freya from her third gallery at ATK Hairy. She's got lots of tattoos and some piercings and even if you weren't so into the artwork you could easily overlook that once you see her tight hairy pussy.

Freya has a cool hat and some pretty neat boots too, but I like it much better when she spreads her cunt.

She's 23 years old and works as a tattoo artist (go figure). She likes heavy metal, motorcycles, guns, truck and flirting. I'd let her pick me up no problem.

Freya has plenty of thigh spillage, hairy pits and is very fuck-worthy.

You can see all of Freya's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.


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